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Our products are made with high quality ingredients. We grew acres of hemp to ensure we used the best products. Grown without the use of pesticides in the bright, warm Maine sunshine. From seed to sale you will receive the highest medicine.

What's Inside

Our products are made with organically grown, high quality cannabis. They are infused with coconut oil, grained alcohol extraction, infused soap and herbal salves and creams.

Start Low, Go Slow!

That is the best advice to determine how much you need to reach an effect. Like alcohol, it varies with each individual. It varies even more than alcohol, so you will need to tiptoe into CBD products slowly until you see how your body responds.

Hemp Oil

Our hemp comes in at 22% CBD. We extract the medicine from the flower and infuse it with non-GMO, vegan MCT oil (liquid coconut oil). We utilize the natural terpene profiles from the hemp plant to bring you an amazing natural flavor.

We have 2 types of hemp oil available. Full spectrum and broad spectrum. What’s the difference?

Full spectrum is the full medicinal compounds extracted from the plant. You’ll receive over a 100 different cannabidnoids, including trace amounts of THC. Since this is federally legal hemp, the amount of THC is under 0.3%. People who use this oil will not feel any “high” effect, but you will get the symbiotic effects of all medicinal compounds in the plant.

Broad spectrum is an extract that goes through a secondary process that removes the THC completely. You will still receive the benefits of the many other cannabinoids but the THC and THCA have been removed. This oil is ideal for people who have CDL licenses, get regularly drug tested or simply do not want to have THC.

Our Products


We get our bottles from a lab certified source. It sounds like a little thing but have a good look at a tincture bottle. It is built around a few important things:

It starts with an amber color because this is a light inhibiting feature. You will see different colored bottles like what they call blue cobalt. The brown bottle, called amber is the best for light inhibition. It helps keep the product inside in the dark. Why is this important? Because light will slowly break down the active ingredients, making them useless.

The other parts include the dropper which has three parts as well.

Dropper Bottom

The clear part that holds the tincture for dispensing.

Rubber Bulb

This allows you to squeeze it to pull up the tincture.

Plastic Ring

It compresses the rubber seal to keep a seal for freshness.

The 4 parts that make up the bottle MUST be sterile both inside and out to be sure it is clean for the tincture. By ordering pharmaceutical grade from the correct source, we can be assured that they are sterile and of the best grade.


Most people experience a DIFFERENT effect with edibles than other means like tinctures or vapes, subject to differences in individuals.

Candies are nice when you want a small amount that is extremely discreet, say during a workday.

We all know about how much alcohol is in a beer or a shot since those measures have been established and are generally accepted as normal.

The issue with hemp CBD is the dosage. It has not been established yet. Look for products like ours that have CLEAR dosage information so you can make an informed choice.


Apply our hemp oil directly to where you want it! Our topical hemp oil products are made with care using simple, natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils. 

We currently offer salves and our award winning pain stick, allowing the user to target muscles, inflammatory cells, and pain-perceiving nerves directly. 


Smoking hemp has been re-discovered.

We say "re-discovered" because hemp was smoked in earlier times. It has been said that Abraham Lincoln was an avid smoker of hemp. It has been noted by many scientists that hemp has much less toxicity than smoking tobacco.

Many of our customers have quit smoking tobacco by smoking hemp instead. Hemp does not have the same effect as nicotine in tobacco, but most people have said it relaxes them.

The big advantage to smoking Maine Grown Cannabis is our Organic certification provided by the Maine Organic Farmers and Grower’s Association (MOFGA). We have been recognized and certified as Clean Cannabis.


The original way to get your CBD!  Because we grow high quality plants without the use of pesticides, we are able to provide a smokeable option for CBD.  Our hemp was grown in soil, hand cut and broken down.  This option provides great instant relief. 

Our hemp is under the federal limit of 0.3% THC, so the feeling you get when you smoke it will not get you “high” but you will feel great. Testing at 22% CBD, you will immediately feel a sense of relaxation.

Instant Calming Relief

Used by people in recovery from addiction.

Eases the Mind and Body

Let go of the cravings, anxiousness and stress.

Grinding the Herbal Medicine

Can be a spiritual, grounding practice.


Vaping got off to a rough start when a few people loaded their own products, not realizing that they were using inferior ingredients. Vaping is a viable and convenient way to use CBD products.  The "Start Low, Go Slow!" advice is also important here. Most people have told us that vaping is the fastest way to deliver the desired effect.

They have also given us reasons why they like vaping:

  • Ease and Convenience
  • Discreet
  • No Matches or Ash
  • Less Residual Scent