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Nicholas Morton

Nick is the major owner and founder of a family of Cannabis and Hemp entities in the State of Maine, USA, namely Maine Grown, LLC. His drive self-imposed for perfection has been a consuming passion for making some of the best Organic Cannabis in the Northeast as well as some of the rated Hemp in the State of Maine.

Being a natural born ‘Man of Science’, Nick’s parents on many occasions found Nick in the middle of taking home appliances apart. Nick’s curiosity went from there to computers. Interestingly, this path took Nick down the road of digging through code and creating solutions for issues that had formerly been considered impossible. Nick is one of those rare personalities that figures if others say something is impossible, that makes for a worthy challenge.

Nick began his career as a Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP).  His computer acumen quickly led him to become a highly desirable trouble shooter with multiple Microsoft certifications. On more than one occasion, Nick has called on to solve some issues with some very high-tech equipment like a nuclear submarine and the security surrounding it. He is always interested in a worthy challenge.

“Nick is one of those rare personalities that figures if others say something is impossible, that makes for a worthy challenge.”

His entrepreneurial tilt and passion for agriculture opened his eyes to the opportunity that was presenting itself in the Medical Marijuana industry.  First, and foremost, it is his passion for helping people, and along with that building an organization to research and identify how to grow the best in Cannabis. As Nick unleashed his time and talent to the creating a high-tech family owned cannabis company it became crystal clear what his purpose in life was to be.  Nick has found his absolute passion for excellence in engineering, computer systems, and agricultural techniques in the Cannabis World.

Nick has evolved from an unusual mix of science, computers, and medicine via Cannabis. He heads up his own Cannabis R&D facility. In his ‘modus operandi’ he is creating impossible solutions and growing Cannabis to heights of quality and depth that was not thought to be possible. 

“In his ‘modus operandi’ Nick is creating impossible solutions and growing Cannabis to heights of quality and depth that was not thought to be possible.”

Along with commercializing his Marijuana and Hemp grows, Nick is currently making strategic partnerships to encompass an even broader view of growing. Current projects include using composites to make a better growing environment that will change the way we grow vegetables indoors. With climate changes on the horizon, farming vegetables needs to be better controlled for optimum results. Other projects include better ways to grow and process marijuana and hemp products so the healthful benefits of these plants can be available to everyone that wants and needs them.

Maine Grown is his life and so many have and will be grateful for his passionate commitment to excellence.  Nick resides in Poland, Maine with his wife Danielle and three young children.

Randall Marmet

Randall Marmet is a third-generation manufacturer who has owned and operated his own businesses for over 43 years. As a youngster, Randall’s first job at 10 years old was a press operator in his family’s machine shop. In the family manufacturing business, Randall was deeply involved with the design and building of complex manufacturing machinery and automation for production. Randall has made a wide and varied career path always inspired by solving problems. Most folks don’t want to call them problems, they want to soften it and call them issues. Randall considers them problems that need to be conquered, and so faces them head on until they are vested.

He started his first business at 14 years old. His last company, Auto Trim Express, Inc., became a worldwide endeavor serving 14 countries. The international travel and exposure have given Randall a unique perspective that serves him well. Randall solved a time constraint in the graphics industry with an artful, elegant process and along his wife Yvonne operated that company for 18 years.

Randall’s background in automation reached new levels with robotics while operating Auto Trim Express. He designed and built interface projects like a mechanical hand for a robot that could grip spray guns in succession for multi-color graphics, as well as specialty workstations to make work pleasant and efficient. Randall bested is competitors by creating human interface projects that increased efficiency by orders of magnitude.

“Randall has made a wide and varied career path, always inspired by solving problems.”

After selling Auto Trim Express, Randall went on to personally build a house for the next three years in Tennessee.

Following the house building project, Randall’s thoughts turned to helping other companies solve the same issues facing most, namely, how to strategically plan for growth, how to properly use funding, and how to build a business foundation that prepares a company for such growth while making it attractive for investors. 

Most businesses do not have the resources to really do what it takes to effectively secure funding. Randall started a consulting service called Leap Kapital and secured a place as a subject matter expert with East Tennessee Economic Development and was named their Industrial Finance Expert for that organization. 

“Most businesses do not have the resources to really do what it takes to effectively secure funding."

Randall went on to make connections with Oak Ridge National Labs (Department of Energy) to help with emerging technologies and commercialization. The jump from a viable product to commercialization is a road to disaster if not managed properly.

Randall also worked with the USDA for funding, and the Tennessee Valley Authority as well as Mid-sized Banking to forward economic development, jobs, and industry in the State of Tennessee. Many times, hosting a collection of funding to reach collective goals.

While building industrial funding solutions in Tennessee, Randall has also been a founding partner in a Company called Avid Composites. As the world faces construction material shortages, the turn to composites is inevitable. Interestingly, a composite building envelope only uses 10% of the normal required energy and is stronger by far than conventional stick framing. 

Randall has been privileged to collaborate with development of parallel technologies at Oak Ridge National Labs and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Randall’s current projects have been directed to growing technologies with clean, efficient composites, and housing affordability issues that are growing worldwide.

Personal Interests: Music, Art, and Travel. Randy loves the opportunity to teach young and old self-expression with abstract art.

Randall now has joined with Nick Morton at Maine Grown as the CEO on a mission to bring the health benefits of Cannabis and Hemp to the masses. Current marketing projects include Wholesale Distribution of Hemp products and edibles nationally, Direct-to-Consumer online sales, and Medical Cannabis fulfillment for patients. 

Dee Morton